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Structural composition and requirements of marine windlass

2020-11-12 H:22:45

Marine windlass is a kind of large deck machinery on the ship, which is used to take in and put anchor and anchor chain. The windlass is usually installed on the main deck of the bow and stern of the ship, which is used for lifting, anchoring and mooring. Windlass is usually used with winch. Its development trend is to use one unit to realize the operation of anchoring, mooring, automatic mooring and mooring.

The marine windlass is mainly composed of base, bracket, chain wheel, brake, chain wheel, gearbox and electric control system (except manual windlass). The electric windlass has motor and the hydraulic windlass has hydraulic pump station.

The main technical indexes of marine windlass include the diameter of anchor chain, nominal speed of anchor, rated load, supporting load, several speed changes, electric system, etc.

Marine windlass

What are the requirements for marine windlass

Windlass is a kind of machinery for lifting and dropping anchor, and it is also used for stranding. There are several requirements for windlass in China

(1) The windlass shall be driven by independent motive power

(2) The rated tension of the windlass shall not be less than 41.68d2n (4.25d2kgf). When d < 25mm, the rated tension shall not be less than 36.8d2n (3.75d2dgf). D is the chain diameter, unit: mm. When using the rated tension, the average speed of anchor shall not be less than 9m / min.

(3) Under the rated tension and speed, the windlass shall be able to work continuously for 30min and 2min under the overload tension of no less than 1.5 times of the rated tension; in addition, the windlass shall also be equipped with overload protection device, which can turn to medium speed operation in case of overload.

(4) The brake device on the chain wheel of windlass shall work reliably and be able to brake 45% of the breaking load of the anchor chain (when the free anchoring speed reaches 5 ~ 7.5 M / s, the sliding anchor chain can still be braked); there shall be a clutch between the chain wheel of the windlass and the load shaft; the brake and clutch shall be easy and reliable to operate; the windlass shall be able to rotate in reverse direction and be stable and rapid during operation.

(5) The installation of windlass shall ensure that the three eyes (chain pipe, chain brake and sprocket) are in line when the anchor chain is led out.

There are two kinds of windlass, horizontal windlass and vertical windlass. The vertical windlass is also called capstan. Its power part is set under the deck to save the deck area. The vertical windlass is often used on warships. Due to the large size of windlass, the bow deck is difficult to accommodate, and it is not conducive to the operation of large ships, so the vertical windlass is also used.