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Cljm series hydraulic motor five cylinder

2021-01-16 10:28:50
Cljm series hydraulic motor five cylinder
Detailed introduction:

Products can be widely used in mining construction, engineering machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum and coal mining machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, plastic machinery, geological drilling equipment, and other mechanical hydraulic transmission system.

Hydraulic motor five cylinder

Structure principle

Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the plunger cylinder of pressure oil generates thrust P on the plunger body. The thrust acts on the center of the crankshaft through the connecting rod to make the output shaft rotate. At the same time, the oil distribution plate rotates with it. When the position of the plunger body reaches the bottom dead center, the plunger cylinder is connected with the oil return port by the oil distribution plate, and the plunger is pushed upward by the crankshaft. At this time, the hydraulic oil after work returns to the oil tank through the oil distribution plate. Each plunger body is connected with high and low pressure oil in turn, and the driving torque generated by each plunger body to the center of the output shaft is added in the same direction, so that the motor output shaft can obtain continuous and stable rotation torque. When the oil flow direction is changed, the rotation direction of the motor can be changed. If the oil distribution plate is rotated 180 degrees, the reverse rotation of the motor can also be realized.