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Comparison of differences between marine anchor chain and anchor cable

2020-11-12 H:03:42

The main differences between marine anchor chain and anchor cable are as follows:

1、 Anchor refers to the equipment which can grab the bottom after being thrown into the water on both sides of the bow (some of which are also set at the stern of the ship) and make the ship or other floating body berth in a certain water area through the anchor chain or anchor cable.

2、 The main function of the anchor is made of cast steel or forged steel and has a specific shape. The anchor is mainly composed of anchor shackle (or anchor ring), anchor stem, anchor head, anchor arm and anchor claw. The types of anchors are Hall anchor, Navy anchor, Danfoss anchor, etc. Anchors can only be used after passing the inspection by ship inspection department. The role of anchor is an important ship's accessories.

Marine windlass

3、 Chain cable refers to the chain used to connect the anchor and the hull. It is made up of many links, and the size is expressed by chain diameter (mm). According to whether there is support in the middle of chain link, it is divided into anchor key with gear and anchor chain without gear. Tianshunda anchor chain can be made by forging, casting and welding. The marine anchor chain is composed of several "shackles", each 25.0-27.5 meters long, which are connected by chain links or shackles. After the anchor is hoisted, the anchor chain is stored in the chain store at the bow of the ship. The specification of anchor chain shall be calculated and determined according to the shipbuilding code.

4、 Equipment of anchor refers to the general name of anchor, anchor chain, windlass, chain cabin and auxiliary equipment. It is composed of anchor, anchor chain, chain pipe, chain stopper, windlass or winch, chain pipe and chain cabin. The ship relies on the grip of anchor and the weight of anchor chain to bear the force on the ship when the wind and waves, so as to ensure the safety of ship anchoring.