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2021-01-16 10:41:17
Detailed introduction:

Ship crane is also known as wharf crane, crane, port crane, marine crane, deck crane, shore crane, marine crane, cargo crane, anchor crane, fishing boat crane, cargo crane, etc. Our company can make 2-16t straight arm, folding arm, telescopic hydraulic marine crane, customized according to the requirements of customers' operation site, according to the marine operation characteristics of marine lifting equipment, reasonable design, the crane surface is sprayed with epoxy zinc rich primer.

Wharf crane

major function

1. 5.5kW motor: oil and electricity (optional);

2. Rotary system: 50 manganese calcined rail flint quenching and tempering rotary support, four way rotary device (can realize 360 ° continuous and infinite rotation);

3. The boom is telescopic by hydraulic cylinder, which is more stable and reliable;

4. The whole ship crane is sealed to prevent the influence of humid environment, and the internal key parts can be well protected to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

5. The wharf crane can be equipped with front and rear cabins, negative arms and three-phase electric operation;

6. Marine cranes are equipped with radiators, which is more conducive to summer work;

7. The hoisting winch adopts normally closed hydraulic braking, single hook with high and low speed neutral gear and automatic control, with high hoisting efficiency.


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