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Happy Labor Day!

2020-05-01 H:00:20

May Day holiday is coming. I wish you all a happy Labor Day!

However, due to the recent epidemic situation, various localities have issued guidelines to guide citizens to reasonably arrange their travel and try not to go to overseas or domestic high-risk areas.

The important role of using holidays to stimulate domestic demand and consumption is obvious. But the requirements of the epidemic prevention period remind people not to be careless for a moment. It is based on this consideration that during the "May Day" period, people everywhere advocate rational travel. To a certain extent, safe and reasonable travel should become the standard of people's travel during the "May Day" period.

It should be noted that many scenic spots are open at present. For example, many scenic spots clearly stipulate that only some outdoor scenic spots are open, and almost all scenic spots require tourists to make an appointment to visit, and require tourists not to gather, wear masks and contact less. This shows from one side that even if we can have a long holiday, it is not "fun". We must be safe and rational, and prevent epidemic.

At the same time, the spring semester for college students and senior three students in China has just begun. During this period, no matter the students who return to school or are about to return to school, they should not go out at will. If contact with high-risk groups leads to infection, it may bring the risk of infectious disease transmission after returning to school.


At present, although the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is further consolidated, it does not mean "zero risk". On the contrary, the control pressure of "external defense input, internal defense rebound" is still great. Imported cases and asymptomatic infection are new challenges for epidemic prevention, which may lead to the rebound of epidemic situation. If the epidemic prevention requirements are abandoned or relaxed at will, disorderly travel may increase the risk of virus transmission.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is highly contagious and reduces any possible transmission risk. This is a reasonable and scientific Festival standard. On the one hand, tourists should carefully choose the way of vacation, try not to go out, so they may as well use the vacation to read good books, visit nearby, etc.; on the other hand, if there is a need for tourism, they must try to leave the provincial capital as little as possible, insist on making an appointment in advance, do not go out to get together, wear masks, and have less contact, so as to ensure the epidemic prevention safety of individuals and others, and do not contact with high-risk personnel, even if they enter When you make an appointment in the scenic spot, you should also have a civilized tour, take good care of the nature and ecology, and develop good civilized habits. During the whole festival, epidemic prevention work should be carried out.