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Operation and maintenance of marine windlass?

2020-12-23 H:25:53

Marine windlass is a kind of large deck machinery. The operation rules of marine windlass are very important to everyone, because it is impossible to operate blindly without knowing. Let's get up and see how it works.

Before using the marine windlass, check whether the brake belt, chain making equipment, chain guiding equipment and clutch are in good condition. Correct, the motor positive and negative idle test, confirm normal. Anchoring operation: select the anchoring mode according to the anchoring and surrounding conditions, wind, current, pressure and ship condition.

The operation of the marine windlass can also adopt the method of stopping the ship to the ground by the power of the windlass and pouring out the anchor and anchor chain

Anchor until the required length of chain is fully released on the seafloor. After the anchor is in place, the chain making equipment is hoisted, the brake band is braked, the clutch is disengaged, and the power supply of the windlass is cut off.

In the windmill with strong waves, the ship is not suitable for anchoring in the open area to avoid chain breaking, anchor loss and damage

Anchor. Anchor operation: inform the power supply and chain water in advance, close the clutch, open the brake belt and brake system

Chain equipment, anchor operation according to the instruction. Pay attention to the observation during winding, avoid overload operation, brake after anchor retraction, lift the chain making equipment, disconnect the clutch, cut off the power supply, and complete the finishing work.

Precautions for marine windlass: 1. Pay attention to whether there are obstacles around; 2. Check whether the oil level of the gearbox is normal; 3. Check whether the grease in each oil cup is full; 4. Start the main switch and put it into the slow gear; 5. Pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and vibration;

6. Pay attention to the working condition of the unit (whether there is abnormal sound and vibration); 7. Pay attention to the operation condition of each bearing (the working temperature of the bearing should not exceed 65 ℃);

Marine windlass

Operation rules of marine windlass:

1) Before using the windlass, the chief officer, second officer and third officer on duty shall inform the engine room to send power to the windlass and start the quadruple unit (500m3 chain hopper dredger).

2) After maintenance, the winch shall be inspected, accepted and debugged by the third, second and third groups of the third tubeshift contract.

3) The captain or the first, second and third officer on duty shall instruct to use the windlass. The sailor shall check the condition of the windlass and inform the first, second and third officer after confirming that it is normal.

4) The operators should seriously and accurately carry out the big, second and third instructions, and timely feed back relevant information.

5) The work of lifting anchor, lifting anchor and shifting anchor shall be under the command of the captain or the first, second and third on duty, and operated by the sailors.

6) After lifting the anchor, the operator should brake, retract the chain brake and put the clutch in neutral position.

7) The driver on duty on the bridge decides whether to cut off the power supply of the winch according to the situation.