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Precautions for use of marine windlass

2020-12-22 H:30:07

In the process of using marine windlass at ordinary times, we must pay attention to some problems, and complete the work according to the correct method, which will be more secure in the future. So in the process of doing, we must actively consider these aspects, in order to have a better effect. Now let's go further. What should be paid attention to during the whole process?

When using the marine windlass, we must pay attention to whether there are obstacles around. Careful examination to determine the specific situation is the premise and basis of using it. Before use, check the oil level of the gearbox, which must be in normal condition. In addition, we should also check the lubrication of each oil cup to determine some general conditions.

Marine windlass

When carrying out the marine windlass, we should also pay attention to the specific organization, especially whether the sound of different parts of the equipment is normal. In the process of using the equipment, we should also pay attention to the specific bearing operation. If we can really understand these aspects, the overall effect will be better. So I hope you can give yourself some suitable methods in the process of dealing with problems, which will be very good for the future. If we really do these things well, we will have a sense of security.