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Winch manufacturers wish you happy National Day and Mid Autumn Festival!

2020-10-01 H:00:33

Full moon Mid Autumn Festival, welcome national day, winch manufacturer HENGWEI machinery is here to wish you: happy National Day, Mid Autumn Festival!

The Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the festival of offering sacrifices to the moon, the birthday of the moon, the evening of the moon, the autumn festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the worship of the moon, the moon Niang's day, the Moon Festival and the reunion festival, is a traditional Chinese Folk Festival. The Mid Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena, and evolved from the autumn festival in ancient times. At first, the festival of offering sacrifices to the moon was held on the 24 solar terms "autumnal equinox" of the Ganzhi calendar. Later, it was transferred to August 15 of the lunar calendar. In some places, the Mid Autumn Festival was set on August 16 of the lunar calendar. Since ancient times, the Mid Autumn Festival has had many folk customs, such as offering sacrifices to the moon, appreciating the moon, eating moon cakes, playing with lanterns, appreciating osmanthus, and drinking osmanthus wine.


You go out to play, remember to protect yo! At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic is still in the global pandemic. We should try to avoid unnecessary cross boundary tourism and arrange domestic travel normally. We should obey the relevant requirements of new crown prevention and control during the travel. I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday!