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Brief analysis of the factors endangering the speed of hydraulic motor

2020-11-12 H:02:40

The factors that harm the speed of hydraulic motor are summarized as follows:

1、 The high integration of slewing ring reducer, small programming, high width ratio integration of slewing ring reducer, the difference of driving parts and load of slewing bearing reducer is dozens of times, but their specifications, especially the radial specifications of transmission gear, are not different. This advantage is beneficial to the flat design of structural form of connecting parts of serial transmission system, and then promotes all mechanical manufacturing Smaller.

2、 The gear rack transmission system of slewing bearing reducer has the characteristics of locking in the opposite direction, which can complete the locking in the opposite direction, that is, only the worm gear and worm are pushed by the worm rod, but not by the worm gear and worm. This feature makes the slewing bearing reducer can be widely used in hoisting, climbing and other machinery and equipment. In addition to improving the technical content of the server, it also improves the working reliability and safety performance of the server. Compared with the traditional rotary products, slewing bearing reducer has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance and more space saving. What are the factors that harm the speed of hydraulic motor

3、 Compared with the traditional transmission gear, the simplified server design scheme of slewing bearing reducer can obtain relatively large transmission ratio. In some cases, it can save reducer components for the server, reduce product cost for customers, and greatly reduce the common fault rate of server.

Hydraulic motor

Low steady speed of hydraulic motor is a key performance index of hydraulic motor manufacturers, which has an immediate harm to the working characteristics and service life of the equipment. The decision-making factors of hydraulic motor's lower stable speed, the nmmin value of hydraulic transmission system with hydraulic motor as driving force to implement components' lower stable working speed, are determined by the following six key factors.

1. The system software selects the QMC characteristic of leakage flow and TMF characteristic of rolling friction torque damage in low speed range of hydraulic motor.

2. The flow adjustment equipment of the system software is pump control, valve control and flow valve speed control. When the flow is small, it is relative to the required flow in the low speed range of the motor. It is harmful to the flow characteristics of motor variable speed equations.

3. The load characteristics of the target dragged or manipulated by the system software. It harms the QMC and TMF characteristics of motor and the flow characteristics of variable speed equipment.

4. The control methods of the system software, such as open-loop transfer function system software, closed-loop control servo control system, etc. It is harmful to the automatic speed regulation in the low gear pulsating beverage area.