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Marine air compressor unit (marine or common)

2021-01-16 10:50:28
Marine air compressor unit (marine or common)
Detailed introduction:

The product is mainly used for starting marine diesel engine, starting and braking of water and electricity equipment, and supplying air source. It can also be used for pressure vessel detection, instrument detection, pneumatic device, construction, petrochemical, plastic and other fields as pressure air source.

Parameters of air compressor unit

Structure and working principle

The compressor is double stage, single acting, piston type. F for air cooling, s for water cooling

The motor or diesel engine drives the crankshaft to rotate through the belt pulley, the crank pin of the crankshaft drives the big end of the connecting rod to rotate, and the small end of the connecting rod drives the piston to reciprocate in the cylinder through the piston pin. Class I compressed air is cooled by interstage cooler, and then compressed to rated pressure by class II before entering the cylinder.

The gas cylinder unit is composed of mobile gas cylinder, compressor, B-type V-belt and motor or diesel engine. The compressed air enters the cylinder through the check valve. The pressure of the gas in the cylinder is indicated by the pressure gauge. When the compressed air exceeds the set pressure, the control valve, safety valve or pressure control device work successively.

Cooling and lubrication

1. Cooling:

The cooling mode of compressor is air cooling or water cooling. Air cooled compressor cylinder and cylinder head are equipped with many fins. At the same time, the cooling pipe group with fins is installed between the stages. When the air is compressed into the radiator tube by i-level compression, a large amount of cold air is generated by the belt pulley rotation and discharged to the radiator tube, cylinder, cylinder head, etc., and a large amount of compression heat is taken away to achieve the purpose of cooling.

The cylinder and cylinder head of the water-cooled compressor are equipped with sandwich water chamber. A large amount of air compression heat is taken away by the cold water flowing into the sandwich water chamber. The compressed air passes through the I and II cooler, so the cooling effect is better. The blowdown nut is set under the interstage radiator of W-type air-cooled compressor, which can timely discharge the condensate sewage.

2. Lubrication

The lubrication of the bearings and the moving pairs of the compressor is caused by the oil droplets caused by the splashing of the oil on the crankshaft or the connecting rod. No. 13 compressor oil can be used in winter and No. 19 compressor oil can be used in summer.