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Application of hydraulic motor in uncoiler

2020-11-12 H:06:55

The clutch works frequently, and the reel can be rotated by the manipulator on the right column. The clutch must be disengaged when idling. In order to prevent the outer surface of the coil from being scratched, the decoiler initially adopts the structure of motor reducer, which is complex in structure. The main function of the uncoiler is to support and control the opening and recovery of the coil, so it is difficult to process the internal and external gears. The main shaft is equipped with a three claw wedge mechanism, and the gear clutch is a mechanical clutch. It can not only meet the needs of coils with different inner diameters, but also can separate or approach the left and right columns under the action of hydraulic cylinder, which makes the coil material in suspension state. In order to solve the above problems, the reducer has the function of self-locking and drives the spindle to rotate through the chain

Marine windlass

It is found that the hydraulic motor is very suitable for the working conditions of the uncoiler, such as large transmission torque, less mechanical transmission parts, and no phenomenon of tooth beating or tooth separation. Therefore, the layout is convenient. Stable operation, good reliability, stepless speed change, high cost and simple assembly. And not self-locking, small size. Two way running transmission, reducer. The problem that the chain is easy to break and the fixing bolt of reducer is easy to loosen is solved.

(3) From hydraulic energy to mechanical energy, the transmission device cancels the complicated mechanical clutch, so the noise is very low.